Remembering and Richard Carlisle

We all miss Dominick Mazza and no one can replace him - BUT - Look what is happening right here at CFO.

Remembering and Richard Carlisle

Unread postby Richard Carlisle » Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:21 am

I am Richard Carlisle, a former member of the venerable web site operated by the late Dominick Mazza. Most of us miss Dominick and I was shocked and saddened upon hearing of his death. The subsequent shutting down of TradingTheCharts is also a tragedy as it proved to be a viable and very desirable venue for active investors, traders of futures and options and of their underlying financial products.

I posted articles and charts in several of the forums but most users knew me for the string I started entitled "Moon Phases, Rule of 7, Spiral Calendar" in the "All Other Cycles" section. I joined in March of 2007 and had two or three comments on my posts. By July of 2008, the string had more than 12,000 views. I also received many complimentary personal emails and private messages.

This overwhelming popularity of TTC prompted me to start I am now the host, anchor and producer and although necessarily different - no one can replace Dominic - I intend to carry on with the spirit and essence of TradingTheCharts.

I invite you to join and help build this community into an equally popular and viable information exchange. If you register, you can post a reply to this string or to any other topic in the forum.
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