ChartFactors opens its doors!

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ChartFactors opens its doors!

Unread postby Richard Carlisle » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:53 pm

Today, ChartFactors ventures out onto the Web to build a community of independent financial-market traders from all over the world.

We'll look at very short term levereged trades to fully funded long term investments, political and economic realities and opinions to all sorts of technical methods and of course charts. From stock indicies like the e-mini to government bonds, from pork belly futures to Japanese yen, our aim is to cover it all - well most all. Ideally, we'll end up with a thousand eyes and ears, and better yet, a thousand sharp minds contributing their thoughts and observations of individual markets details. One trader can learn from another in this single market place of ideas, explainations and knowledge.

This site is set up to allow speedy communication amoungst members with easily displayed graphic depictions of their analysis of the markets. Real thoughts as they occur!

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