Forum Rules and Guidelines

Forum Rules and Guidelines

Unread postby Richard Carlisle » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:01 am

We are here to track, investigate, and figure out the intentions and directions of the markets we watch. Since there are so many different disciplines in the field of analysis, it is crucial that there be order in the house. At times, different methods will clash and provide opposing forecasts. No one method is always right. Therefore, it is very important that all of our members display courtesy and respectful behavior towards each other's work.

Appreciate that no one has a full-time working crystal ball. Keep an open mind. Who knows? You may be right today, but wrong tomorrow. Be respectful of other members' work, because one day it will be your turn to be wrong.

Please, no Bragging; this is not a competition amongst members as to who is the biggest and best trader. There is usually no need to tell us how many contracts or shares you handle. We are here to learn and explore the markets and to make money from trades, not to brag. There is more than enough for all of us. Do not fight your fellow members; we need to conquer the markets. This is not a Bull-Bear tug-o-war forum. Stick with objective analysis and leave the Ego out of CFO.

If you make a trade call, you should explain your reasoning and the tools you used to arrive at your conclusion. If you post a chart or other image, it's a good idea to add a caption to it so we will know what we are looking at. If you show profits or losses on your demonstration, please indicate whether the figures you use are hypothetical or real trading. If you are reading another's post, you should assume that their specified trade is hypothetical.

CFO members can create a powerful force IF we work together. What clues one person may miss, another might pick up. Imagine a whole army of eyes, ears and sharp minds watching for market clues. We have this potential but we will feel the effects only if there is respect for each other's work.

We urge you to be original but you may use excerpts from others' copyrighted materials to make a point in your own posts if you have their permission to do so and if you show the source of the material in your post. Likewise, you may use excerpts of CFO articles and our generic charts elsewhere but you must show as the source. You may NOT use our custom annotated charts or full articles anywhere. These items are for members only.
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