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About Your Anchor Host and Producer - Richard Carlisle

Unread postby Richard Carlisle » Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:02 pm

I am Richard Carlisle, your anchor, host and producer of ChartFactors.org. I am not a registered advisor and do not provide professional advice or control investor's funds. My comments are an expression of opinions only or merely show and explain to you what I am doing, considering or have done.

You should not construe these expressions in any manner whatsoever as recommendations to buy or sell stocks, options, futures, bonds, commodities or any other investment at any time. While I believe my statements to be accurate, they always depend on the reliability of my own credible sources. Of course, I recommend that you consult with a qualified investment advisor, one licensed by appropriate regulatory agencies in your legal jurisdiction, before making any investment decisions, and barring that, I encourage you to confirm the facts on your own before making important investment commitments.

I started trading Stocks and Options in 1974 with the former retail brokerage firm Loeb-Rhoades. I knew nothing about trading and had some preconceived notions I had to unlearn but with a little persistence, I managed to wrap my head around some of the protocols of the business such as Charting, Puts and Calls and the enormous amount of BS Rhetoric put out by the industry. Eventually, the extortionate commissions and irrelevant data just angered me but I began to view trading as a viable business and to understand who the real vultures were.

In late 1977, I discovered commodities when a television add explained the financial advantage of the Futures margining system and about how easy it is to short a market. Earlier, I had no idea why someone would care if Wheat or Corn went up or down or why there were various delivery Months. Interesting what they fail to teach you in school! Anyway, I promptly lost all of my money but went away more determined than ever to make trading a viable business.

On January 16, 1980, I came roaring back when I posted margin for a World Sugar #11 contract. I had already learned a few things about charting and when my broker told me that the floor locals were shorting the rally, I told him to buy 1 May at the market. Additionally, I said that I did not need a stop, because I had enough margin money for two days of limit down. The market had already stopped me out twice as I watched it run up without me and I was not going to let it get away from me again.

Well, I bought on the opening which was near the low of the day. Sugar continued to go up the limit for the next two days and then into expanded limits. My broker urged me to take profits several times but I had learned a price projection method and did not give in to temptation. In about four weeks, my 17-cent Sugar turned into 27-cent sugar and my $2849.30 margin money turned into $11,054.40 less an eighty-dollar commission and I still had that margin money left over from my original cash. The same statement - shown below - also shows five loosing trades and a cash withdrawal. In the past thirty-six years, you can believe that not all Months were as fun as I have been dead broke twice. Trading proved to be capital intensive, unforgiving of any mistake and clearly challenging but still attractive.

In 1988, I became an associated person with a retail broker in San Jose, Calif. but discovered quickly that trading was where I belonged and not in the brokerage business. My original capital investment came from work in heavy trucking, contract security and property management. I consider trading a learned skill where even if you learn the methods you are only as good as your next trade and your own judgments.

Most of the methods I use in analyzing trades are self-taught from studying others works and a little is original and proprietary in nature. Since I am the anchor of CFO, you will see me express my opinion quite often in this market place of ideas. My interests are varied and broad and I enjoy explaining the details. I will talk about cycles of the Moon, trend lines, price projections, Elliott Waves, Gann, Spiral Calendar, market breadth, Fibonacci progressions, numbers and methods of all sorts. Volume, open interest, the Arms index, the trading indicator, Bollinger Bands and probably others - plus some explanations of how they apply to the markets I am watching. Most of what I know and talk about is technical in nature as I am a short-term trader but politics and economics have a place here too.

So, can all this expression help you? Well, my string at TradingTheCharts.com had over 12,000 views within a year on about 100 posts and I received many complementary personal emails. Those numbers indicate to me that many found my past opinions and demonstrations useful. Past performance does not guaranty what happens in the future, of course but considering past performance may be a good place to start.

Why not join for (us) $37.00, give us a look and participate for a Month? If you really do not want to stay, I will refund the unused portion of your subscription.

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