(Charts) Earlier posts from TTC

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(Charts) Earlier posts from TTC

Unread postby Richard Carlisle » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:04 pm

The charts below show various critical junctures in the S&P 500 Stock Index (INX) as I posted them on TradingTheCharts.com. Since some are up to three years old, I am showing only posts with a longer-term view. Five-minute bar charts of those periods are not very relevant.

You can see up to date charts in the topic entitled "Week Of". Some charts there are oriented towards weekly moves and others may dissect a turn on a five minutes per bar basis or even on a ticks per bar basis.

Click on each image to make it readable in a new window.

10-7-07 The S&P 500 Just before the 2007 all time high
10-11-07 Results of the forcast and further ideas
10-20-07 Follow up
1-15-08 Projected move
1-23-08 Got there quicker than expected!
2-6-08 Another projected move
2-28-08 Results and new ideas
3-5-08 Projections of a low on 3-10 then up to 1442.
3-22-08 I get my move 17 days later. The closing low was 3-10 but lots of intraday heat for leveraged traders!
Post2 4-18-08.PNG
4-8-08 Ten minute bar chart shows upside projections
Above chart created using Aspen http://www.aspenres.com/
5-3-08 "C" wave finished between projected 1442 and revised 1404
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